Intro To Ice Skating

The Introduction To Ice Skating package gives you the chance to sign up your school for skating lessons for only just over £1 per child.

This package is a 6 to 10 week programme that incorporates groups of up to 30. The children ae coached at the Link Centre in Swindon in a specially contained area of the ice rink by highly qualified and DBS checked coaches.

The aim of this course is to introduce ice skating into your school's curriculum, allowing your pupils to derive new experiences, which has the potential to have a life changing effect on health and sports participation.

Ice skating has been proven to have tremendouse improvements in both motor skills such as balance, strength, co-ordination and cognitive skills such as engagement and confidence. This programme is in accordance with the government's aim for children to be more active during the school day.

Pre-prepared risk assessments are provided for all users, and discounts are availible for schols that book for a number of sessions during the school year. This programme is designed to be applicable for delivery during school hours. All equipment (skates, helmets etc) are provided and included in the price.

We also provide an array of support for any pupils who wish to take their passion forward as we have very strong connections with the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Academy and their Learn To Play Ice Hockey scheme.