Street Hockey

The Swindon Wildcats in the Community's Street Hockey package is our most popular off-ice package, allowing your pupils to be taught Street Hockey by highly qualified professional and international ice hockey players.

This exciting package is designed to delivery a 6 week (or more) street hockey course, with new skills being taught weekly. As with all of our programmes, whilst the emphasis is on fun, the children also learn the skills involved in playing street hockey.

The course activities range from basic stick control to game based learning exercises, aimed to develop a multitude of both motor and cognitive skills.

As with all our programmes, each session is catered specifically for the participants, as needs analysis is prepared before each programme, taking into consideration a vast array of aspects such as age, skill level and gender.

Like all our programmes, the aim of this course is to introduce new sports to your current school's curriculum, allowing your pupils to derive new experiences, which has the potential to have a life changing effect on health and sports participation.

This programme is designed to be most applicable for delivery asn an after-school club, yet can also be delivered within school hours, at your school or local sports club. All equipment (sticks, balls, gloves etc) are provided.