GB U20s Relegated From Division 1B

U20s punished for admin error

Great Britain Under-20s have been relegated from World Championship Division 1B after mistakenly registering an ineligible player.


Defenceman Adam Jones was mistakenly registered for the tournament in Dumfries in December.


An IIHF statement said: "Bylaw 406(2) establishes the disciplinary consequences for a national association member registering an ineligible player for an IIHF championship.


"By way of email on 4th March 2014, Ice Hockey UK confirmed that Adam Jones was not eligible to participate for Team GB due to not meeting eligibility requirements in bylaw 406 (1.7) for dual nationals.


"Therefore, because Team GB participated in the tournament with an ineligible player, according to bylaw 406(2), Team GB is disqualified from Division 1B.


"As a result of GB's relegation, they will be relegated to IIHF World Championship Division 2A for the 2015 season."


IHUK interim chairman, Jim Anderson, said: "This was an unfortunate but genuine and honest mistake which was realised when the player was selected to play for GB U18s.


"In future IHUK will double its due diligence on players who are chosen for GB squads."