Graphic by David Strover

Swindon Wildcats are delighted to announce the return of Sam Bullas as the Wildcats first summer signing ahead of the 2017/2018 season.

Sam has signed a deal which will see him complete his ninth consecutive season in red and white colours. So far in the 2016/17 season, Sam has contributed a total of 7 goals, 9 assists for 16 points in 41 appearances. Since his arrival in 2009 he has become a fan favourite and iced in over 380 games for the Wildcats.

Speaking about his first re-signing, Aaron Nell was delighted to have Sam back in the locker-room for the upcoming season:

“Bully was always one of the first names I wanted back for next season, he is a massive part of the team both in the locker-room and on the ice. The fans absolutely love him and he comes to play every night. He plays with a physical presence and he has a habit of scoring big goals to get the team going.

“The work he is doing for the community foundation is incredible and the hard work is beginning to give us rewards with the fantastic junior system. To keep in Swindon for a ninth consecutive season is brilliant and the Wildcats family wouldn’t be the same without him”.

The forward himself, with a big physical presence – who has also iced over 40 EIHL games – was thrilled to be returning to his second home.

“It’s fantastic [to be back in Swindon], nine years is a long time to be somewhere that’s not your hometown. I’m thrilled to be back; I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else other than Swindon. The conversation between the management and I took about 30 seconds so it was an easy one. I think with the job it’s easy to secure stuff early and I like to set to know what’s going on for the next year.

“The fans are fantastic; crowds have got bigger and we have such a contingency of the same people coming back every week and it’s amazing to see how passionate the fans are. It really does make the difference for the players.” He added.

The deal will also see him continue his fantastic work heading up the Wildcats Community foundation which continues to go from strength to strength.

“We’ve had a fantastic year in the school’s programme. We’ve pushed numbers twice as high as last year and we’re working hard to get out to the wider community. We’re beginning to make a difference to the community. The junior club is the biggest junior club in the country and Ken Forshee and Lee Mason are doing a fantastic job. The system in Swindon is beginning to work and it’s amazing to see.”

Sam joins Aaron Nell, Stevie Lyle and Stevie Whitfield, all of whom are continuing multi-year deals on the roster for next season.