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Lee Richardson's Testimonial - Saturday 6th May 2017

Sam Godfrey:

I played with Sam during the 2013/14 season in Swindon and have remained good friend's ever since. A Swindon junior who's done great for himself in hockey and  won trophies with both Slough and Guildford.

Neil Liddiard:

I remember watching Neil as a junior and thinking what a player he was so when he re joined the Wildcats it was great to get to play with him rather then against! Always putting his body in front of shots and a great team guy.

Dave Collins:

I grew up for most of my junior days playing Ice and Roller hockey with Dave and now i call him boss! One of the guys who goes right back to the start of my hockey and I'm glad he can play today.

Ciaran Long:

One of the best British player in the EPL and one of the best to come out of Swindon. I got to play with Ciaran in both Swindon and Slough and what a talent he is. Does everything on the ice and a great lad off it.

Rusty O'Donovan:

Rusty was the first ever Wildcat player i knew through the Spearing family and i feel honoured he is able to play in the game. A huge character who always loves the game and its great to be able to have him out there.

Ryan Watt:

I got to play with Ryan in both Swindon and Slough. A great hockey talent who can do it all. Score goals, make plays and of course drop the gloves. Always a fan favorite and rightly so. Great that he is able to play.

Matt Towalski:

Matt is a player that Ive known for as long as i can remember in hockey. A real work horse on the ice who is loved by his team mates. Our dads were great friends and have many stories from our hockey days growing up and trips abroad. Only regret i have is only getting to play half a season of senior hockey with Matt.

Jan Kostal:

Jan changed how imports are judged in Swindon and has become a benchmark for professionalism at the club. A leader since the day he arrived and an all round leader on and off the ice. Glad he's on my team after having to play against him on his Swindon debut.

Danny Meyers:

Danny is to me, one of the best British Defense men to have played over the last 10 or so years.  I was fortunate to play with Danny in Bracknell for 2 Season picking up 3 trophies. A great friend for many years and I'm thrilled he can make the game.

I'm extremely honoured that all these guys are able to make the game.  

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