End of Season Presentation & Party Round-Up

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the End of Season Party. Whether you were part of the on-ice or off-ice team, a member of the Supporters Club or just a fan, I think it is fair to say that everyone had a great evening and it was an appropriate way to end this season of ice hockey in Swindon. 


I would like to repeat my special thanks to everyone who helped, including Gary Parker and Caroline Corrigan who organised the trophies, Ben Callaghan and Aidan Johnson for their media support and especially to Nigel and Melanie Beckett, their sons Ollie and Kyle, plus Maisie Morris who all gave their time to put on a show and dress the room so lovely. Thank you.

Whilst the End of Season Party is normally focused on the players and their support team, it was important to me to tell the story of the season and involve as many people as possible. We all have our own hockey stories and in our own way, we all do our bit to support the club. If you are not part of the Supporters Club and hadn’t been reading the newsletter throughout the year then you may not have understood all the jokes and one-liners, but it didn’t seem to matter that much and many people still laughed out loud.


The Magic Mirror photo booth was a gift from my company to everyone and was intended to capture some precious memories, either with your favourite player or with your family and friends. I therefore hope you all took advantage and have plenty of silly photos that will remind you of the evening. If anyone has lost their photos then please contact me through the Supporters Club and I can send you a digital copy as I now have access to all the photos.

The raffle was a great success and we deliberately changed the theme this year as we didn’t want to keep asking the Club sponsors for prizes. Instead we gave you the ‘Money Can’t Buy This’ raffle.

The raffle winners are:

·              Golden ticket winner – winning a 2017/18 shirt – Claire Kelsall

·              Golf at Bowood with a Wildcat – Kat Medcroft

·              Ice skating lesson with Aaron – Alison Buck

·              Tomasz Malasinski Poland shirt – Lisa Jones

·              VIP pass to the 2017/18 pre-season launch event – Sharon Reade

·              Man of the Match presentation for the first home game of the 2017/18 season – Lee Richardson.


Other Winners;

·              Head’s ‘n Tails winner – winning a 2017/18 shirt – Stuart Holland

·              Bid for Bully – Alex Ross with a confirmed bid of £249.99


The Bid for Bully was a last-minute addition and we are very grateful to Alex Ross for bidding such an impressive amount. We did get some very good bids but Alex won it fair and square and I am sure he will have fun talking to Sam and deciding what to do. We should also thank Sam for agreeing to do this, he is a massive part of the Club and a favourite with many fans.

The cost for the trophies was paid by the Supporters Club from the ticket money we received and they were beautifully engraved. I am sure the players will look after them and they should feel proud of their achievements and that they have been recognised by the supporters and the Club.

Supporters Club Award Winners

·              Best D-man – Stevie Whitfield, trophy presented by Neil Doling

·              Best forward – Tomasz Malasinski, trophy presented by Sid Corbett

·              Player of the Season – Tomasz Malasinski, trophy presented by Natalie Lewis


Coach’s Award Winners:

·              Most Improved Player – Floyd Taylor

·              Player’s Player of the Year – Jan Kostal

·              Coach’s Player of the Year – Neil Liddiard

The Dave Richardson Memorial Shield for Best British Player

·              Stevie Whitfield


The event is not deliberately planned to make a lot of money but it is important that it covers its cost. This year we are pleased to say that we’ve raised over £1200 from the End of Season Party and this money has been paid into the Supporters Club account and will be used to support the club over the summer as it prepares for next season. 


Some of the money will be donated to the Wildcats in the Community, as we all want to recognise the fantastic work the Club are doing to support the local community and people less privileged than ourselves. The Head’s ‘n Tails competition that was ran by Gary Parker and Sam Bullas raised over £360, thank you. We will also include a donation to the Wildcats in the Community charity from the Stevie Lyle GB shirt auction that raised a staggering £450. Special thanks must go to Jamie Guy who was the successful bidder for the framed shirt, it was a special item and I am sure everyone is pleased that it has gone to a good home and will be cherished by a true hockey fan for a very long time.


My final thanks must go to everyone who attended the event and made the evening so special, without you there wouldn’t have been a party. We have all made special friends this season and despite the bad luck we’ve had on the ice and with injuries, it still has been a season that we should celebrate, so thank you for coming along. 


We can all look forward to a new campaign in the autumn,

and whilst the season may now be over, we still have Coventry and Richie’s testimonial to look forward to. The Supporters Club will wind down for a few months, I will still be keeping an eye on it as we still have the monthly 200 Club draws and the AGM to look forward to. I have also wanted to hold a BBQ over the summer and whoever organises it, I think this would be a great thing to do so let’s make it happen.


Thank you once again, see you all soon.


Paul Norbury


Chairman of the Supporters Club