Nell: 'Coaching Symposium A Success'


Last weekend Swindon Wildcats Head Coach Aaron Nell joined 275 other coaches at the IIHF Coaching Symposium in Cologne.


The two-day course organised by the International Ice Hockey Federation brings coaches from all over the world together for talks regarding long-term player development, leadership and off-ice training. Along with providing top level training from top level experts, including former Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oliers head coach and current CEO of Hockey Canada Tom Renney.


“There were over 275 coaches there so we were able to learn from different people with different experiences, which was a real eye-opener. These events are where networking and making contacts are just as important as learning. There were 5 or 6 other coaches from the Elite League and our league there as well so it was great to talk and learn from their experiences. Speaking after returning from Cologne, Nell said.


We watched 4 or 5 World Championship games over the weekend and were then able to see the systems the top nations play as well as seeing how good the best players in the world really are! Overall it was a brilliant trip and one in which I learnt a great deal about the long-term development of players.”

With a month of the off season already completed, Nell was also quick to add his thoughts on how the fast-paced summer has gone so far.


“Everything was on hold a little because of the league situation. Now that’s sorted things are coming together nicely.


I’ve been talking to other coaches and we’re all in the same boat, now the league is sorted things will begin to settle down again.


The team is shaping up well and I’m happy. There are still a few roster spots to fill but conversations are happening on a daily basis with different players and so far, I’m happy with what we’ve built.”