Renny & Ollie Sign Two-Way Deals

Swindon Wildcats are pleased to announce netminder Renny Marr and defenceman Ollie Stone will be on two-way contracts with EIHL side Coventry Blaze for the upcoming campaign.

Renny and Ollie will spend time training with the Blaze organisation allowing them both to get experience at EIHL level. Player Coach Aaron Nell believes the experience they will both get will be vital for the Wildcats upcoming season:

“It is good for our young players to be getting that experience with the EIHL teams and the players on those teams. We are hoping to have four or five players on two-way contracts with Elite league teams, it is great from them, and they will all learn a lot from it.

Renny knows the set-up in Coventry and Ollie did go up a couple of times last season so he has also been there before. It is great for both of them and it is good they are going to get a big pre-season in front of them and they will be flying come the start of the season.

It is very important to have these young players coming through and aspiring to go to the next level. When I was younger and on a two-way with Coventry, I got an awful lot out of seeing, professional players handle themselves and I really think it will be good for both of them.”

Renny and Ollie will be filling into EIHL fixtures when the Wildcats are not in action, which will allow them further ice-time across the season without affecting the Wildcats games.