Swindon Wildcats 2017/18 Fixtures

Swindon Wildcats are delighted to confirm the opening league match of the 2017/2018 season will be against the MK Thunder.


The NIHL S1 league, National Cup and Autumn Trophy fixtures were released this morning, with the opening league game set for Saturday 16th September. To complete the opening league weekend will be a trip to Gillingham to take on the Invicta Dynamos.

The schedule this season sees the Wildcats playing at the Link Centre for 18 Saturday games, 4 Sunday games, 1 Wednesday game and 3 home games over the Christmas period, including Boxing Day & New Year’s Day.

Boxing Day sees the visit of the Basingstoke Bison before we take on Peterborough Phantoms on 29th December and to complete the home festive season, a game against Bracknell Bees on New Years Day.

Alongside the league competition, the Wildcats will compete in the Autumn Trophy and the NIHL Cup competition. The NIHL Cup starts on the second weekend of the season with a home game against Basingstoke and a road game against Telford on the Sunday. The Autumn Trophy begins on Saturday 14th October with a double header weekend against the Telford Tigers.

The league campaign finishes on the weekend of the 10th/11th March with a double-header against the Bracknell Bees. The play-off competition will follow thereafter.

Scroll down for the full list of fixtures for the 2017/18 season, and keep your eyes peeled on social media for when they will be available to download straight to your calendar!

Swindon Wildcats 2017/2018 Fixtures

(Home in Bold):


All weekend home games will face-off at 6:15PM.

Weekday face-off times to be confirmed.



SAT 2nd – Bracknell Bees – Challenge

SUN 3rd – Bracknell Bees – Challenge

SAT 9th – Peterborough Phantoms – Challenge

SUN 10th – Peterborough Phantoms – Challenge

SAT 16th – Milton Keynes Thunder – League

SUN 17th – Invicta Dynamos – League

SAT 23rd – Basingstoke Bison – NIHL Cup

SUN 24th – Telford Tigers – NIHL Cup

SAT 30th – Invicta Dynamos – League


SUN 1st – Streatham IHC – League

SAT 7th – Cardiff Fire – League

SUN 8th – London Raiders – League

SAT 14th – Telford Tigers – Autumn Trophy

SUN 15th – Telford Tigers – Autumn Trophy

SAT 21st – Peterborough Phantoms – League

SUN 22nd ­– Hull Pirates – Autumn Trophy

Wed 25th - Telford Tigers – NIHL Cup

SAT 28th – Bracknell Bees – NIHL Cup

SUN 29th – Streatham IHC – League


SAT 4th – Hull Pirates – Autumn Trophy

SUN 5th – Peterborough Phantoms – League

SAT 11th – Basingstoke Bison – NIHL Cup

SAT 18th – London Raiders – League

SUN 19th – Cardiff Fire – League

SAT 25th – Telford Tigers – NIHL Cup

SUN 26th – Bracknell Bees – NIHL Cup


SAT 2nd – Invicta Dynamos – League

SUN 3rd – Telford Tigers – NIHL Cup

SAT 9th – Cardiff Fire – League

SUN 10th – Invicta Dynamos – League

SAT 23rd – Peterborough Phantoms – League

TUE 26th – Basingstoke Bison – League

WED 27th – Basingstoke Bison – Cup

FRI 29th – Peterborough Phantoms – League

SAT 30th – Bracknell Bees – NIHL Cup


MON 1st – Bracknell Bees – NIHL Cup

SAT 6th – Bracknell Bees – League

SUN 7th – Milton Keynes Thunder – League

SAT 13th / SUN 14th – Cup Quarter Finals Weekend

SAT 20th – Basingstoke Bison – League

SUN 21st – Basingstoke Bison -  League

SAT 27th – Milton Keynes Thunder – League

SUN 28th – Milton Keynes Thunder – League


SAT 3rd – London Raiders – League

SAT 10th – Basingstoke Bison – League

SUN 11th – Bracknell Bees – League

SAT 17th – Streatham IHC – League

SAT 24th – Basingstoke Bison – League

SUN 25th – London Raiders – League

MARCH 2018:

SAT 3rd – Streatham IHC – League

SAT 10th – Bracknell Bees – League

SUN 11th – Bracknell Bees - League