Regular rotation on the ice became apparent towards the end of the game for the Cats as Nell looked to keep legs fresh within his team ahead of Friday’s Autumn Cup Final first leg away at Basingstoke.

Netminder Renny Marr was replaced towards the end of the third period by Matthew Smital, while everyone earned ice time in the final 20.

Nell said: “We had everyone in tonight and used the whole bench in the final 20 to rest guys where we can, it’s been a long season.

“We’re fine. We’re used to it.

“Everyone is in good shape, it’s been good to have a normal schedule in the past couple of weeks.

“We didn’t want a postponement on Friday, but it might be a blessing to allow us to rest.

“We scored four or five nice goals, we’ll take that into next weekend.

“We worked on build up play in practice this week.

“Being close, supportive and playing with speed is key. When we play with speed we’re dangerous. It’s something we’re working on and we want to continue it next week.”