Five More Sign Up For Richie

Lee Richardson's Testimonial - Saturday 4th May 2017

Lee Richardson’s testimonial takes place in less than 3 months time, and with 6 players already announced, the line-up for the game gains 5 more players:

Wayne Fiddes:

Wayne was Captain of the Wildcats the first season I returned home. One of the most popular guys I've ever played with. A great guy on and off the ice and was also on the first ever team i played for in Swindon, the Jaguars, way back in 1990.

Ollie Stone:

Ollie is a great young D man and a local lad that I hope to be able to watch and grow into a fine player for the Wildcats for many years to come. Always works hard and always wants to learn. Its been a pleasure to get to know and play with him these last couple of years.

Stevie Whitfield:

Stevie has not only become a great team mate but a great friend. He's helped me massively in changing from forward to defence and has always covered me on the ice! I always remember coaching him on hockey schools in Swindon as a kid too. Big fan favourite for his work effort every night and a great example of hard work paying off.

Robin Davison:

Robin was another member of the Wildcats my first season back.  One of the best open ice hitters I've played with and a all round great hockey player.  I used to watch Robin when i was a kid playing for both the Wildcats and IceLords. Thrilled he's able to play in the game.

Euan Forsyth:

One of my best friends on and off the ice. Unfortunately I only got to play with Euan for one season in Swindon but he defiantly made a lasting impact. Popular among team mates everywhere he goes and a guy you always want to be around.  Honoured he will be coming all the way down from Scotland to play in my game.

I'm very proud to have all these guys playing on the 6th May. All have become friends over the years and its great to have them all there on one night.


Wayne, Robin and Euan's shirts will all be available to own and loan. For details of this, ticket sales and merchandise please visit the supporters club table or Email

Having joined the Swindon junior set up at 7 years old, Richie played 12 years in his home town before joining the Coventry Blaze in 2002. 2 seasons in Coventry followed by 1 season in Bracknell, a season split between Coventry and Bracknell, and a season in Cardiff, Richie returned to ice for his hometown Wildcats in 2007/08.

The current line-up is:

- Wayne Fiddes

- Ollie Stone

- Robin Davison

- Stevie Whitfield

- Euan Forsyth

- Ryan Aldridge

- Stevie Lyle

- Shane Moore

- Lukas Smital

- Scott Spearing

- Matt Foord

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