4 more sign up for Bully's Testimonial

After announcing the ENTIRE Wildcats 18/19 team yesterday, I am thrilled to announce the next four names for my testimonial game on 27th April, and they are four names who will be familiar to Swindon and Bracknell fans. This really is an announcement for everyone coming to this Saturday’s game.

Firstly, he needs no introduction to Swindon fans, but Ryan Watt will be lacing up with the legends. I remember when he came to Swindon for his second spell in 2013. He really helped the team push on in the second half of the season and all the way to Coventry. The 13/14 team was really specialand I am thrilled Ryan was the first person to say he’d play in the game, it’ll be great to play alongside him again.

Next, we have Joe Baird, Joe iced in Swindon for my first three years with the Wildcats. Joe is one of the toughest competitors to play against and at the young age of 38, he is still one of the best D men in the league. A tough guy on the ice but off it he is a top guy. I hope that Swindon fans will be excited to see him in the red and white again.

Dean Skinns will also be back in Swindon for my game. He spent two seasons with us from 2011-2013 and was a really solid performer for the team. With Dean, Stevie Lyle and Renny I think you will see three of the best net minders to have played in Swindon and it is going to be very difficult for the forward to get some goals because none of them will want to let any in!

Last but by no means least, Matt Foord whilst he may not be a current Bracknell Bee, I could not announce the last three names and not include Foordy. He was here for my first two seasons in Swindon and is really nice guy off the ice. A real competitor on the ice too, which shows in his performances for the Dynamos this year. 

I hope that Swindon fans will be excited to see the ‘Bracknell Four’ back in the red and white jerseys once more; I know I cannot wait to play alongside them! 

If any Bracknell fans are interesting in coming down then please visit the Swindon Wildcats Supporters Club table on Saturday night and get your tickets it would be great to see you at the game and for you go get a hockey fix!

Also, do not forget to book your tickets for my race night at the Southbrook Inn on Tuesday 2nd April, tickets are just £5 and the event starts at 6:30PM. Come, join me and fellow Swindon Wildcat players from past and present, and try your best to beat the bookies. It will be fun for everyone and there will be loads of chances to win on the night!