Five More Sign Up For Bully!

Despite the Wildcats season ending a couple of weeks ago, there is still one more game to watch at the Better Link Centre on Saturday 27th April. Bully's testimonial is now less than 3 weeks away and he's thrilled to be announcing FIVE more names to the testimonial line-up. 


Tom Norton - Tom is a guy who I grew up playing with when we were kids, now we're adults he's a fierce opponent but one of my good friends. He's had a really successful season in Peterborough and it's great he's agreed to come to Swindon for the game.


Ashley Calvert - Ashley has obviously been in Sheffield this season and he's been scoring goals for fun. Growing up together we always knew he had some great talent, because of the league structure I haven't played against him much in the last couple of years but I can't wait to see him! 


James Burton - James may not be a household name to Swindon fans but he's one of my dearest friends and someone I grew up with. He was the first person to agree to play and I can't wait to ice alongside the old Nottingham boys again, I hope the Wildcats fans give him a big welcome! 


James Neil - James will be familiar from his time with Manchester and MK but he's been playing in Blackburn this year and has had a good season up there. He can play anywhere across the ice and always has a huge smile on his face, playing against him was always tough and we had some good games against each other over the years. 


Danny Rose - Danny is a big part of my family both inside and outside of hockey. I always wanted him to be part of my testimonial and I'm thrilled he can make it. He's also had a good year in Telford and it will be great to see him again after only a handful of games in recent years.


These guys are just a few of the guys I grew up playing hockey with, I'm so grateful they can all make it and I'm thrilled the old Nottingham boys will be back on the ice together. It's going to be fun and it's going to make me feel like a kid again!


It promises to be a special evening for someone who has given so much to Ice Hockey in Swindon; it's the perfect way to celebrate and also get your hockey fix for April! 



Tickets for the testimonial are still available by emailing There are also still get some own & Loans available just drop Bully an email and he'll let you know if your favourite player is still available!