Ex-Wildcats Return For Testimonial

Bully's testimonial is now less than 3 weeks away and he's thrilled to be announcing SIC more names to the testimonial line-up. 


Sam Zajac - Sammy may have only had a small spell in Swindon but what a fun spell it was. A superb D man who loves the game and is a very funny guy. I really hope he can head down, I know the Swindon fans will love to see him again!


Andy Finn - Andy was here during my first year together and was my housemate too. We shared loads of memories that year capped off with a game in Coventry too. He's recently been playing in Billingham but I know he's excited to come down and see the boys.


Robin Kovar - Much like Zajac, Robin was only with us for half a season but I was so pleased I got to play with him and not against him. He was a great housemate and a superb hockey player. Hopefully the Wildcats fans will enjoy seeing Rockin Robin back at the Better Link Centre. 


Adam Harding - I've played with Adam on and off for a few seasons and obviously he started the season with us too. I'm really pleased he said he'd come back and play in my testimonial, we had some good times together and was also a part of the Coventry team of 2014.


Joe Hazeldine - Next we have some Nottingham lads and Joe was a great guy to have around the locker-room. He loved a joke and is one of the countries best U18 players. He's currently away with GB but I'm over the moon he'll be back in Swindon after a strong year with the Panthers and Telford. 


Jordan Kelsall - Last but not least we have Jordan. He was crucial in the success of the Autumn and National cups last year and we could all tell the talent he had when he broke on the scene from OHA. He's had a good year in Dundee and it's great he'll be heading back to Swindon once more.


It promises to be a special evening for someone who has given so much to Ice Hockey in Swindon; it's the perfect way to celebrate and also get your hockey fix for April! 



You can do everything you need to ahead of the testimonial by emailing sb13testimonial@gmail.com. If you want to buy tickets, buy merchandise, organise an own & Loan or even send in your favourite Bully memories for the programme.