JL mindset performance back our Cats for 19/20

A new sponsor on board in the form of JL mindset performance


Swindon Wildcats are thrilled to announce the first new sponsor to come on board in the shape of JL mindset performance.

JL mindset performance will be the new sponsor of Sam Bullas, who recently announced his return on a three-year deal and now will be backed by the Highworth based company.


Offering sports performance coaching, they can help you win the inner mind game before you play the outer one!


JL mindset performance also specialises in personal development and business coaching helping you better understand ways in which you can overcome the barriers that are preventing you from getting the results you want or changing the one’s you don’t!


As a keynote speaker on mental performance and wellness, John @ JL mindset performance will take you on a journey from where you are to where you truly want to be.


Helping people develop personally and professionally is a passion of his because he believes that everyone deserves to achieve what they want in life.


On top of sponsoring Bully, JL mindset performance, will also be featured on all the team shorts throughout the season being visible in every game the Wildcats ice over the 19/20 season.


Swindon Wildcats Commercial Manager Sally Price was thrilled to have secured a new sponsor so early in the off-season.


“It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome JL mindset performance on board and I’m really excited to start promoting their brand into the new season. This is such a unique business and very different to any other companies we represent, so I’m excited to see what we can do for them. Welcome to the hockey family.”

For more information about JL Mindset Performance or to make an enquiry, visit https://www.jlmindsetperformance.co.uk/