The Hardy Family Back Marr for 19/20

Renny Marr snapped up for 19/20 Sponsorship


Swindon Wildcats are delighted to announce that The Hardy Family will sponsor Renny Marr for the forthcoming season.


Chris, Sandra and Amy attended their first game in January 2018 after meeting Commercial Manager Sally Price at a business event. They came down, experienced the thrill of the Wildcats, and were buying balcony tickets a few weeks later!


Into the 18/19 season, they only missed three home games, having caught the hockey bug badly. Not only with Swindon but also heading down to Cardiff to watch the Devils back in January. In February, Sandra’s company Elleteq became sponsors of the new awesome looking Warm-Up jerseys.


“It’s great to welcome The Hardy Family on board as player sponsors of Renny. They are such a lovely family and love to get involved in anything Wildcats. They are now a combinations of Sponsors, Season Ticket Holders & Super fans! That’s what we like, welcome to the hockey family.”


2019 is a big year for the Hardy Family, and with season tickets already purchased for the new season, they felt it was a year to celebrate by sponsoring Renny Marr. Chris & Sandra celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary, Sandra has a significant birthday (with a zero at the end!) and Amy will turn 21 in December.


We’d like to thank Chris, Sandra and Amy for their support of Renny for this season and wish them a very happy 2019, with all the celebrations they have planned.